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testIFrameWithExtensionsSource is failing on Chrome v60+
Project Member Reported by, May 19 2017 Back to list
ERROR: testIFrameWithExtensionsSource (__main__.ChromeExtensionsCapabilityTest)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/b/build/slave/chromedriver_mac_10_6/build/src/chrome/test/chromedriver/test/", line 1848, in testIFrameWithExtensionsSource
  File "/b/build/slave/chromedriver_mac_10_6/build/src/chrome/test/chromedriver/test/../client/", line 307, in SwitchToFrame
    self.ExecuteCommand(Command.SWITCH_TO_FRAME, {'id': id_or_name})
  File "/b/build/slave/chromedriver_mac_10_6/build/src/chrome/test/chromedriver/test/../client/", line 274, in ExecuteCommand
    response = self._ExecuteCommand(command, params)
  File "/b/build/slave/chromedriver_mac_10_6/build/src/chrome/test/chromedriver/test/../client/", line 267, in _ExecuteCommand
    raise _ExceptionForLegacyResponse(response)
NoSuchFrame: no such frame: element is not a frame
  (Session info: chrome=60.0.3105.0)
  (Driver info: chromedriver=2.29.461585 (0be2cd95f834e9ee7c46bcc7cf405b483f5ae83b),platform=Mac OS X 10.12.2 x86_64)

This test was introduced in to fix  issue#1777  (background:  issue#1777  started failing on Chrome v58+ due to culprit CL ).

Bisecting to see what caused it to fail again on Chrome 60+ .

Project Member Comment 1 by, May 22 2017
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 571564116da46b3dcd202f9d03c3de41457a9f46
Author: gmanikpure <>
Date: Mon May 22 17:01:49 2017

[Chromedriver] Disable testIFrameWithExtensionsSource on HEAD.


Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#473603}


Project Member Comment 2 by, May 23 2017
Performed bisect and found the culprit CL :

Looks like support for "--force-fieldtrials=SiteIsolationExtensions/Control" Chrome command line switch has been removed in this culprit CL. And hence, the fix no longer works for v60+.

Project Member Comment 3 by, May 23 2017
From the logs, I see two differences :

1) DEVTOOLS EVENT Page.frameDetached is triggered.

2) DEVTOOLS EVENT DOM.setChildNodes doesn't have "frameId".

Attaching the verbose logs of fail run on v60 and pass run on v58.
20.3 KB View Download
35.2 KB View Download
Project Member Comment 4 by, May 25 2017
Labels: Pri-1
Status: Available
some time no update. When it can be solved?

Google is now pushing version 61 (this is going on since 59) and we still don't have a solution to this problem. Is there any update? It's very quickly becoming a significant roadblock.
Status: Assigned
Working on it now. Sorry for the delay.
Project Member Comment 8 by, Sep 14
 Issue 2020  has been merged into this issue.
are there any updates?
Stilling working on it. Taking longer than expected.
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John, can you update us about the progress? 
Can we have an update please? We can't update chrome until this is corrected. We can still only run against chrome 59 and they are now at 62. A fix, hack, work-around, anything would be appreciated.
We are also stuck using Chrome 59 for our testing. A workaround would be greatly appreciated, there has been no update on this issue for 46 days.
+1 I'm also stuck using Chrome 59.
Comment 17 by, Dec 13 (2 days ago)
How often should we be expecting updates? If I'm reading correctly, it looks like it has been 60+ days since we've gotten an update.
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