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Closed: May 2011
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Type: Enhancement

issue chromium:65340

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Implement vertex texture fetch support

Reported by, Dec 14 2010 Back to list

Issue description

See for details on what needs to be done.

Attaching preliminary patch that someone started.  Note the most interesting aspects are likely the HLSL function implementations.  Probably don't want to include the software vertex processing bits (at least initially).

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Comment 3 by, Mar 21 2011

Would love to see VTF in ANGLE, would make for some excellent particle / N-body projects!
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Status: Started
I have a set of patches for this that pass the OpenGL ES 2.0 conformance test suite, renders the 'DisplacementMap' sample of the PowerVR SDK, and runs with 'Geometry'.

If anyone knows of some other applications/samples that use VTF, or can make one (or knows someone who can make one), that would be very useful for testing. Thanks!
Project Member

Comment 10 by, May 5 2011

Excellent, thank you! A couple more: (this one uses OES_texture_float too, so is a good test of the combination of these extensions)

Here is a cloth simulation demo by Petros @petrosagg Aggelatos from my team (Kamibu) which uses texture lookups in the vertex shader:
webgl bench has a VTF test case:
All links marked by [EXT2] at
[EXT+2] uses OES_texture_float too
Support for VTF has been implemented in r635 - r645.

Thanks all for the many test apps. Aside from those which don't run due to other reasons, VTF support appears robust and makes for some pretty demos!

Please note that the current Chrome build's shader validator incorrectly doesn't recognize the VTF functions if you don't have a DirectX 10 graphics card. Instead it should recognize them but report that the number of supported samplers is exceeded. This was fixed in the compiler code but will require a new Canary build to report the proper error message.
Some of these demos also revealed a depth test bug. This got fixed in r634.
Status: Fixed
It seems that chrome 13.0.766.0 (at least) has these changes picked up now. Closing.

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