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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Jul 2012
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Priority: Medium
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Type: Defect

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Dividing long loops into several 256 iteration loops breaks code

Reported by, Jun 14 2012 Back to list

Issue description

It seems ANGLE breaks long loops into several smaller 256 iteration loops. Sometimes this breaks the code.

Consider this example:

int j = 400;
for (int i = 0; i <= 400; i++) {
	if (dot(z,z)> 1000.0) { j = i; break; }
	z = complexMul(z,z) + add;

Which ANGLE turns into this:

int _j = 400;
for(int _i = 0; _i < 255; _i += 1)
   if((dot(_z, _z) > 1000.0)) { { (_j = _i); break;; } ;};
   (_z = (_complexMul(_z, _z) + _add));

for(int _i = 255; _i < 401; _i += 1)

    if((dot(_z, _z) > 1000.0)) {{ (_j = _i);break;;};};
    (_z = (_complexMul(_z, _z) + _add));   

The meaning is changed, however. If the first loop breaks when i=10, j should be equal to 10, but the next loop sets j=255. 

There is a working example here:

If 'Iterations' is increased beyond 256 the Julia set on the right disappears. If I turn ANGLE off, it works as expected.

I found this error on latest version of Chrome and Chromium (Win 7, 64bit).

Chrome: 19.0.1084.52 (Official Build 138391) Angle revision 1022
Chromium: 21.0.1175.0 (Developer Build 142124) Angle revision 1046

Status: Accepted
Thanks for reporting this and providing a detailed explanation of the issue. ANGLE breaks up loops because Shader Model 3 only supports 255 iterations per loop. But it should indeed not execute the second loop if the first one hit a break statement. Similarly there would be a problem when a continue statement is hit on the last iteration.
Status: Started
Status: Fixed
Fixed in r1213.

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