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Status: Fixed
Owner: ----
Closed: Jul 2011
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Priority: Medium
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Type: Defect

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[Enhancement] Adding Wayland typedefs to eglplatform.h

Reported by, Jul 27 2011

Issue description


I'm working on adding Wayland ( support for Chromium. Wayland has its own definitions for EGLNativeDisplayType, EGLNativePixmapType, EGLNativeWindowType defined in EGL/eglplatform.h . I currently have the system includes #ifdef-ed such that they pick up the latest version from mesa ( Naturally, the review comment asked if we can update the angle include to contain it. Could we include this change in angle?

Related to chromium code review:

I've attached a patch with the section I'm interested in.

Daniel Nicoara

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We can include them, however it would be best if the Wayland definitions were push up into the khronos repository copy of eglplatform.h
I've asked the Wayland guys about their plans for upstreaming yesterday. I'll post back when I have an answer.

For reference, this is the Wayland mailing list post:
... and this is the response: 

So for now, there are no plans for pushing the changes to Khronos.
Status: Fixed
Ok well I've added them in r709.  (I did refresh the headers from Khronos first though).

Hopefully they push the definitions up to Khronos at some point.  That's the best way to make sure there are no conflicting type definitions.

Comment 5 by, Oct 23 2012

When this done? Released Wayland 1.0!

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