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List of Projects

Name Stars Updated Summary
apvi 3422 Last 30 days Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative
gn 2561 Last 7 days A meta-build system that generates Ninja build files
google-breakpad 2642 Earlier this year Crash reporting
gyp 2471 Earlier this year Generate Your Projects
linux-syscall-support 2809 Last 7 days Directly embed Linux system calls
llvm 1597 Last 7 days LLVM special issue tracker
monorail 5099 Today The issue tracking tool for chromium-related projects
nativeclient 2401 Earlier this year Native code for web apps
openscreen 2002 Before this year Library for the openscreen protocol
oss-fuzz 2083 Today OSS-Fuzz: Fuzzing the planet
project-zero 2307 Today Project Zero
swiftshader 2484 Earlier this year SwiftShader
webports 2367 Earlier this year Ports of open-source projects to the web