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List of Projects

Name Stars Updated Summary
angleproject 2467 Today ANGLE: Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine
aomedia 1831 Today The open and royalty-free codec for next-generation ultra high definit...
apvi 1211 Last 7 days Android Partner Vulnerability Initiative
boringssl 1929 Today A fork of OpenSSL that is designed to meet Google’s needs
chromedriver 2329 Last 7 days WebDriver for Google Chrome
chromium 4353 Today An open-source project to help move the web forward.
crashpad 1335 Last 30 days Crashpad
dawn 1116 Today Implementation of the WebGPU standard
gerrit 1592 Today Gerrit Code Review
git 1052 Last 7 days Open source distributed version control system
gn 992 Last 7 days A meta-build system that generates Ninja build files
google-breakpad 1242 Last 30 days Crash reporting
gyp 1158 Last 30 days Generate Your Projects
libyuv 1059 Last 7 days YUV scaling and conversion functionality
linux-syscall-support 1314 Last 7 days Directly embed Linux system calls
llvm 349 Last 30 days LLVM special issue tracker
monorail 3291 Today The issue tracking tool for chromium-related projects
nativeclient 1105 Earlier this year Native code for web apps
openscreen 758 Last 30 days Library for the openscreen protocol
oss-fuzz 971 Today OSS-Fuzz: Fuzzing the planet
pdfium 1179 Last 7 days PDFium
pigweed 428 Today Pigweed
project-zero 1189 Yesterday Project Zero
skia 1051 Today Skia Graphics Library
swiftshader 1225 Last 30 days SwiftShader
tint 506 Today A compiler for the WebGPU Shader Language (WGSL).
v8 1758 Today V8 JavaScript Engine
webm 1091 Today An open web media project
webp 1043 Last 7 days Repository for tools for the WebP image format
webp2 288 Earlier this year Successor of the WebP image format.
webports 1104 Last 7 days Ports of open-source projects to the web
webrtc 1726 Today Web-based real-time communication